Wall Drawing #232, 1975 Wall Drawing #232, 1975 Wall Drawing #366, 1982 Wall Drawing Detail Diagonal Lines in Two Directions, Superimposed (Plan for Wall Drawing, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York), 1969 Sol LeWitt, All Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple Combinations of Lines in Four Directions One-, Two-, Three- and Four-Part Combinations (for Center Spread/Art and Project), 1969 Sol LeWitt, Successive Rows of Horizontal, Straight Lines from Top to Bottom, and Vertical, Straight Lines from Left to Right, 1972 Sol LeWitt, Ten Thousand Lines About 5" Long, 1971 Sol LeWitt, Black Circles, Red Grid, Yellow Arcs from Four Sides and Blue Arcs from Four Corners, 1972. Sol LeWitt, Schematic Drawings for Incomplete Open Cubes, 1974 From the Word "Art": Blue Lines to Four Corners, Green Lines to Four Sides, and Red Lines Between the Words "Art" on the Printed Page, 1972. Colored ink and pencil on paper. LeWitt Collection.